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~*A Mississippi girl don't change her ways*~

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About Me


Here's more than you probably want to know about me...


**Without a horse, you are half complete**

Welcome to the ABOUT ME pagiee...oww scawie. Unless you want to know stuff bouts me, you dont need to bother with this page..i guess i just did it out of boredom. So..remeber *HAVEEE FUN WITH IT!*

I'll also try to include some pictures that I feel represent me. For example, I might include a picture from my favorite movie or TV show, or a photo of a prized possession...for example, my car:


Favorite Stuff

In this area, I'll list some of the things that I like best, for example:

Favorite TV Show:Hmm hard one, its InuYasha! Duh! Also Family Guy, Friends, Cowboy Bebop etc etc
Favorite Movies:Pirates of the Carribean,Boys Dont Cry,But Im a Cheerleader,A knights Tale, The Patriot, All Lord of the Rings, etc etc
Favorite Music:Alternative,Rock and Country (yes yes country)
Favorite Book:Green. If your into the sad,crazi, weird drama books. This is the one to read!
Favorite Sports Team:*Ms Seawolves*(WE'RE GONNA BEAT THE HELL OUTTA YOU!)gO wOLVES!
Favorite Food:Taco Bell!! and mac and cheese, you cant go wrong with a box of mac and cheese
People I Most Admire:ORLANDO BLOOM!!!!!!! So SEXSHIII and johnny depp.
ANIMAL:equine..scientific equus
FOOD:Macaroni...and FUNYUNS!
DRINK:Just get me an icy Coke...yeahhhh!
SNACK:Hmm....roman noodles?
CANDY BAR:snickers
SAYING: "Well, you'd be cranky too, Mister I'm going to Graceland, Memphis Tennessee
WORD:ylang ylang ...hahahaha funni!
CARTOON:family guy,inuyasha,fullmetal alchemist etc
INSTRUMENT:well i love the drums....but man i  wish i could just carry a tune....
GEM:my birthstone..the sapphire
CAR:porshe HELL YEA!!
ICE CREAM:choc o lottt
HAT:my beanie or my cowgirl hat
TOP:my shirt that says *objects under shirt are larger then they appear
BOTTOMS:good ole jeans thank you 
BIRD:anything that says COOCOO COO COOO!
SONG:OMG...i dont know....clowns by tatu..or send me you by the butchies or mississippi girl by faith hill any a hole crap load others
NUMBER:9 my lucky number 
SANDWICH:roast beef!!!MMMMMmmmmMMMMMmmmm
GADGET:my camera 
OUT OF USA PLACE:i never been outta the usa im boring!
WRITING UTENSIL:sketch pencil
TOWN:well los angeles is pretty cool..but i would NEVER EVER EVER EVER live there
 KIND OF SHOE:i dont know..i just slip on flip flops all the time
PRESIDENT:fav president!....deff. not ours...screw Bush
KIND OF CAT:)..mine!
MOVIE:boys dont cry,but ima cheerleader,pirates of the caribean,if these walls could talk 2,may,south park movie (know every line!),all the star wars......
FRIEND:sasha...deanna....megan..and meeee!!! (not) 
SINGER:melissa etheridge.....cher.... day...manson rob zombie korn limp bizkit soundgarden kid rock kelly osbourne melissa etheridge godsmack shinedown nirvana toby keith cranberries hole staind disturbed and the great oldies....ozzy black sabbath led zepplin danzig guns and roses foreigner and the lsit goes on....


~*Mah Favorite Quotes*~

*My Horsie Quotes*
~A Horse is worth more than all the riches in the world.
~God forbid i go to a heaven where there are no horses.
~A horse is an angel without wings
~Put some excitement between your legs,RIDE A HORSE!
~When the horse dies, dismount
~Horseback riding is life, the rest is just details
~A penny saved is a penny you can spend on your horse.
~Step into the 21st century...GIRLS ARE TOUGH!\
~I am beautiful, not bcause of the way I look but because I am proud of who I am
~Some Girls Are Pretty In Pink.....But I'm Beautiful In Black
~I swear its the German in me!
~Each time the phone rings i hope that when i pick up ill get to hear her  voice...... just one last time.
~Nobody puts baby in the corner


**Barrels** And **Boys**
**Wrangler Butts** And **4x4 Toys**
the more we're around guys,
the more we love our horses!!!
WiTh A hUg N a KiSs Im OuT LiKe DiS
sO cLiCk ThE x BiSh
Can u see me now? can u see me now? can u see?

All this weeping in the air,
I can tell were about to fall through floating forests in the air
Across the rolling open sea.
Now I kiss and run through air. leave the past find nowhere,
Floating forests in the air clowns all around you.

Clowns are here to let u know where u let your senses go.
Clowns all around you it’s a cross I need to bear.
All this black and cruel is fair, this is an emergency
Don’t you hide your eyes from me, open them and see me now.

Can u see me now? can u see? can u see me now?
Can u see? can u see? can u see?
Can u see? can u see me now? can u see?
Can u see? can u see me now?
Can u see me now? can u see clowns all around you.
Can u see? can u see?
Can u see? can u see me now?
Floating, floating, floating, floating.

See me here in the air not holding on to anywhere
But holding on so beware I have secrets I wont share.
See me here wishing you if I don’t deny I do contemplate our wish away.
If I ask u not to stay, clowns are here to let u know where u let your senses go,
Clowns all around you it’s a cross I need to bare.

All this black and cruel is fair,
This is an emergency don’t you hide your eyes from me
Open them and see me now.

Can u see me now? can u see me now? can u see? can u see? can u see