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~*A Mississippi girl don't change her ways*~

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Welcome to my site!



*This is from Bound...aint she cute*
~Welcome Welcome everyone. This is my homepagie thingy. Yes yes i know, *finally i have one*. Hope you like and dig around....not all that interesting..~

sum people think im**TRASHY**
others think im **RUDE** its the way me daddy
**RAISED** me its my **Rebel Attitude**
~a mississippi girl don;t change her ways
Friday October 7, 2005 12:45 AM ET
i may have cried myself to sleep over you i may have wanted to die i may have wanted to hurt you i may have wanted to do many things just because of you all the things you always do all the suttle ways you ignore me all the ways you manage to make me feel like shit hurt me more then you could imagine and always will affect me but now i'm freakin done with you now theres nothing between us two
~My Thoughts on My Country: Politicians, Democrats and Republicans. And the fickle man who leads us is none other than. Bush, the president and in my opinion the worst. Under his lead this nation has been cursed. For the years that i've lived i never witnessed this before. We have soldiers dying in Iraq "YET WE'RE NOT AT WAR!" The United States, it doesn't exist. Because how can we be united with hatred, and racism in the midst.
~I met you, I liked you, I left you, and now I love you. You explain it because I sure as hell can't
~Outta the house cuz I ate the candy Ain't that just fine and dandy Where should I go What should I do Just sitting here listening to the Who Went to the kitchen for a snack Ate all the brownies Never came back!


What's New?

Hmm..hurricane is scared...

Hurricane came...destroyed and left a lost eveyrhting..and i am currenty in LOS ANGELES!! It sucks so bad here............sumone trade places with me please!

~One, two, three, four, I won't take no anymore. 5,6,7,8 - I want you to be my mate. 1,2,3,4 - you're the one I adore. 5,6,7,8 - don't run from me cause this is fate.

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