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~*Welcome to the Penpal world*~

~*What we do*~

What We Do
Send a Penpal Ad
Gay/Lesbian Penpals
Equine Penpals
Wiccan/Pagan Penpals

Hello everyone, this page will tell you what exactly to do and how to do it. So just read it and start your search for a penpal.....!


Ok begin.
If you would like to FIND a penpal..just click one of the last three pages..(which i will let you know what they are and whats in them) If you would like to place an ad with us to help others find you..just follow the directions on the following page.

~These are the topics that you can place an ad in or if you~  are looking for someone in the following...i will tell you what   
              ~type of things would be in the following~
@Equine penpals for horse lovers-This is pretty obvious, penpals here are folks into horses,ponies, and other equine members. They are people who ride many different kinds of disciplines. You do not have to own a horse to be trot on over and find you a fellow horseman.
@Gay/lesbian penpals-This area is for gays only....come here and look for someone who can be a best friend or a possible date. If you are looking for a fellow *Friend of Dorothy*...just go to the following page and send me the info to get started.
@Wiccan/Pagan penpals-Are you a follower of the God And the Goddess..or just interested in the craft....look here for a witcy someone to penpal with...or if you would like to look for some pentacle penpals...just go to the next page and follow the instructions.